S. No. Project Title Faculty Incharge
1 In vitro and in silico screening of plants for their anti-diabetic potential. Dr. Nitin Sharma
2 Formation of multi-pesticide detector biosensor Dr. Sonica Sondhi
3 To explore the role of carbon based nanomaterials as a biosensors for the treatment of tuberculosis Dr. Indu
4 Isolation and characterization of thermophilic bacterial strain from different water samples Dr. Harjodh
5 Degradation of Pseudomonas Aeroginosa biofilm using alginate lyase in vitro Dr. Kriti
6 Meta-analysis of transcriptomic responses to biotic and abiotic stress Dr. Deepa
7 Computational approches to identify regulators of plant stress response Dr. Deepa
8 RNA seq data and exploratory data analysis to identify Drought stress and resistance mechanism in Solanum tuberosum Dr. Renuka
9 Mechanistic study of the anti-proliferative properties of laccase against non-small cell lung cancer A549 Dr. Harleen
10 Tolerance Study of probiotics towards gastric induced stress Dr. Rabia
11 Immunomodulatory study of indigenous probiotics Dr. Rabia
12 To study role of Staphyloccocus genetic variants in udder infection Dr. Preeti
13 To study and purification of antimicrobial compounds Dr. Harjodh
14 To study the random amplified polymorphic DNA in mastitis causing bacteria Dr. Mandheer
15 Hyperproduction and characterization of oligosaccharides from bacterial isolate Dr. Aditya
16 Partial purification of oligosaccharides and optimization of their prebiotic potential Dr. Aditya
17 To study the antibacterial resistance mapping by gene profiling Dr. Mandheer

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Year on year developments has ushered CCT in the direction of success. Today, the college proudly displays the top rankings and awards.

Awarded for Best Quality Education in North India by Excellence in Indian Education Awards, 2017

Rated as the Best Biotechnology College in Punjab by Prime Time, 2018


“ I don’t know how time flew as I had spent 5 consecutive years there. Our cooperative teachers, facilities n infrastructure, and of course educational trips helped me grow further. Wherever I go whatever I achieve, I can never forget my roots.”

I graduated from this prestigious institute in Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology). It was amazing and a wonderful experience. The faculty is highly learned and experienced. The world class facilities cater to the need of the research sector as well as the corporate world.

I completed my graduation in 2016 from Chandigarh College of Technology. And throughout my journey, I got support from the faculty. There were different training sessions, industrial visits, and workshops via which I got my hands-on experience. It is because of the joint efforts of the management and faculty that I got placed in the company Infotechmon Pvt Ltd. Thank you CGC for giving me wings to fly.


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